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Here’s why we believe in CalSavers.

Azizza Davis Goines

President and CEO, Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce

There’s not a lot of programs that can meet the needs of employees and employers. This product will be affordable for small businesses who really want to give their employees a fair shake.

Dr. Ruben Guerra, Ph.D.

Chairman, Latin Business Association

As chairman of the Latin Business Association and as a small business owner, CalSavers is an incredible opportunity to provide retirement programs at a low cost to our employees, and made simple.

Scott Hauge

President, Small Business California

California’s CalSavers is especially appealing to small businesses who are not currently offering a retirement savings plan to their employees. We believe SB Cal’s members will welcome the opportunity to inform their employees that the opportunity to save their money for the future is an important benefit.

Mark Herbert

California Director, Small Business Majority

Nearly 80% of small business employees do not have access to a retirement savings option at work.[1]That’s mainly because small business owners are wary of the costs, administrative complexity and liability. CalSavers solves all three of these challenges, making it a win-win for California’s small business owners and their employees.

Dennis J. Huang

Executive Director & CEO, Asian Business Association

Establishing this program will be another option for small business owners to reduce cost and to help their employees prepare for retirement.

Patricia Perez

Volunteer State President, AARP California

As a small business owner and volunteer state president of AARP California, I know that providing employees access to a low-cost, professionally managed retirement program like CalSavers gives them an easy way to automatically save for their future.

Yvonne R. Walker

President, SEIU, Local 1000

The ability to retire with dignity should be available to everyone who works hard throughout their lives. With CalSavers, just saving a little will go a long way toward helping employees achieve a pathway to a secure retirement without the fear of living in poverty after their working years are behind them.

  1. AARP Public Policy Institute. David John and Gary Koenig “Workplace retirement plans will help workers build economic security” (August 2015).

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