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COVID-19 Message: We are here for you.

We are here to support you throughout this difficult time. To learn how we are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, read our message to savers and employers.

COVID-19 Message: We are here to support you.

Whether you’re a saver or an employer facilitating CalSavers for your employees, please know that CalSavers staff and our service providers are here for you during this very challenging time. Be assured that we continue to operate all critical functions without disruption and our customer service representatives are ready to help by phone and email.

For Savers

We continue to ensure the safe custody and investment of your contributions and timely processing of account requests. We closely monitor  the financial markets and the performance of the CalSavers portfolios. Please know that our program and portfolios were developed with the understanding that markets can be volatile. In addition, unless you have actively chosen otherwise, the first $1,000 of your CalSavers contributions are invested in a Capital Preservation Fund that helps protect your savings from market volatility.

We deeply hope that our savers do not experience financial hardship, but if you do find yourself in need, you may call us to learn more about your options to access your contributions.

While our program operations continue without interruption, disruptions caused by COVID-19 may delay paper mail delivery. To help ensure timely transactions and communications regarding your account, we encourage you to transact via our secure website and elect e-delivery of all documents.

For Employers 

We know that many employers are facing unprecedented challenges. CalSavers is committed to supporting employers through these uncertain times by offering extra support and flexibility. We extended the registration deadline for employers with more than 100 employees to September 30, 2020 (from June 30, 2020). If you missed the deadline and need to get caught up, we’re able to assist. If you’re ready to begin facilitation, please engage with our support team so we can make it easy for you.

As we move forward into recovery, CalSavers will be here to offer you our simple way to help your employees save as they return to work – with no employer fees or fiduciary liability.

To the entire CalSavers community:

We are here for you. We are resilient and we continue to work hard every day to support your savings goals. Thank you for your participation in CalSavers.

Your CalSavers Program Staff