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Employers: Register Today

The registration deadline (June 30, 2022) for employers with 5+ employees has passed. It takes just a few minutes to get started. No employer fees, easy to facilitate. Get started today.

Here’s why we believe in CalSavers.

Fiona Ma

California State Treasurer and Chair of the board governing CalSavers

With California’s size and diversity, this pioneering program represents a major milestone—for California and the entire nation…CalSavers solidifies our position as a leader in growing the national movement to help all Americans retire with dignity.

Katie Selenski

Executive Director, CalSavers

We’re thrilled with the results we’ve seen so far and believe that small steps can lead to giant leaps forward for savers. We’re leveling the playing field for workers who haven’t had access to two of the most powerful savings tools—automatic enrollment and saving via payroll deduction—and proving that workers at all income levels will save when they have access to these easy tools.

Mark Herbert headshot

Mark Herbert

California Director, Small Business Majority

CalSavers is a game changer for California’s small businesses and employees who struggled for years to access retirement savings. Now that CalSavers is up and running statewide, it will go a long way toward leveling the playing field for the many small firms that want to compete for top talent but lack the resources to help their employees access a retirement savings program.

Azizza Goines headshot

Azizza Davis Goines

President and CEO, Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce

There’s not a lot of programs that can meet the needs of employees and employers. This product will be affordable for small businesses who really want to give their employees a fair shake.

yvonne walker headshot

Yvonne R. Walker

President, SEIU Local 1000

The ability to retire with dignity should be available to everyone who works hard throughout their lives. With CalSavers, just saving a little will go a long way toward helping employees achieve a pathway to a secure retirement without the fear of living in poverty after their working years are behind them.

Scott Hauge

President, Small Business California

California’s CalSavers is especially appealing to small businesses who are not currently offering a retirement savings plan to their employees. We believe SB Cal’s members will welcome the opportunity to inform their employees that the opportunity to save their money for the future is an important benefit.

Patricia Perez headshot

Patricia Perez

Volunteer State President, AARP California

As a small business owner and volunteer state president of AARP California, I know that providing employees access to a low-cost, professionally managed retirement program like CalSavers gives them an easy way to automatically save for their future.

Dennis Huang headshot

Dennis J. Huang

Executive Director & CEO, Asian Business Association

CalSavers provides a great new option for small business owners who want to help their employees prepare for retirement, where they may have been unable to afford or manage a traditional plan in the past.


Peter Manzo

President and CEO, United Ways California

United Ways of California is excited to partner with CalSavers to get the word out and help Californians become more financially secure now and into the future. For the millions of Californian’s who don’t have access to a workplace retirement plan, CalSavers provides employees with the opportunity to create a secure path to retirement. Workers with an automatic payroll deduction savings option are 15 times more likely to be on a path to retirement security and 20 times more likely to save when they are automatically enrolled. CalSavers allows workers to invest in their future today, so that they can have a secure tomorrow. CalSavers is today’s retirement answer to tomorrow’s retirement needs.

Dr. Ruben Guerra, Ph.D.

Chairman, Latin Business Association

As chairman of the Latin Business Association and as a small business owner, CalSavers is an incredible opportunity to provide retirement programs at a low cost to our employees, and made simple.

Ruben Guerra headshot

Kristin McGuire

Western Region Director, Young Invincibles

Today's young people are the most diverse generation in history and they face their own unique challenges as they enter to workforce and begin their career. With wages for young people stagnating nationally, it's as hard as ever to get ahead and make ends meet, let alone save for retirement. With more than 7 million Californians -- many of them young Californians -- lacking access to a retirement program at work, CalSavers will help ensure that everyone in the Golden State can start saving early and building a financially secure future for themselves.

Kristin McGuire headshot

Christopher Sanchez

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

CHIRLA is proud to stand behind CalSavers because of the positive impact it can have on immigrant families. Access to retirement savings program is terribly low in the immigrant community, and CalSavers has the chance to change that.